Our main objective is to satisfy, with responsibility and reliability, the market demands. Offering not only quality products at the most competitive prices, but also providing an outstanding service, reflected in simple, clear and direct trade agreements thanks to our advanced equipment, specialized software.

as a client through the section: Client access> Registration. Providing all the required documents, and in no time an account manager designated for you, will welcome you with all the information and attractive price lists, shippingoptions and payment methods. 

You will have professional staff to assist you and inform you every day of our updated price list, special promotions to ensure that you always find what you and your potential customers need, and will count on giving you all the  information regarding your orders. If you are interested in establishing a relationship and mutual commercial cooperation, do not hesitate to register

Our Brands

Driving technology for leading brands


iMomgroups is a group of international wholesale companies, founded in 2013, with headquarters in the City of Madrid, Spain. And subsidiary offices in Portugal, Netherlands, Romania. 

We specialize in the supply and distribution of consumer electronic devices, games, smart phones, gadgets, household appliances, etc.